Will Legal Marijuana Affect my Child Custody Case?

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California passed a law in 2018 making recreational marijuana use for people 21 and up legal. Even so, if you are in the middle of a child custody case, be especially careful if you choose to consume marijuana.

While marijuana use is legal, there are still situations where marijuana use is inappropriate. For example, in front of the children.

Think of it like alcohol. Alcohol is legal, but if you are putting your children in danger with your alcohol use, there will still be problems.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:
1. Never drive will intoxicated.
2. Never allow children access to marijuana. Always keep it out of reach.
3. Never smoke in front of your children.
4. If cooking with it, ensure all food is out of reach and labeled properly.

Even though recreational marijuana is now legal in California, there may still be an attempt to use it against you in a child custody case. If you feel as though your legal marijuana use is being used against you, reach out to a divorce attorney immediately. A divorce attorney will help you understand how your actions will be viewed by the opposing party and the Judge, and will also provide you with strategies to best protect your rights as a parent.

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