Will I have to Pay My Spouse’s Attorney Fees?

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Not only is a divorce emotionally draining, it can also drain your bank account.

If your divorce is contentious with many issues to work out, attorney fees can quickly skyrocket.
Many times, one spouse makes significantly more than the other, and thus may lack the ability to pay for an attorney or keep up with the legal fees associated with a divorce. California Family Code Section 2030 “levels the playing field” and allows a court to order one spouse to pay for the other spouse’s attorney fees. If there is a large disparity in income, it is very likely that the party with more resources will be ordered to pay some or all of the attorney’s fees.
The courts can order one spouse to pay “whatever amount is reasonably necessary” to make sure that the other spouse has access. A court can order the payment of attorney’s fees when:

1. One spouse demonstrates financial need
2. The other spouse has the ability to pay them.
3. Other factors

The determination will be based on an “income and needs assessment” in which the Courts will evaluate the financial ability of each spouse during their divorce or legal separation. The assessment will include reviewing each spouse’s:

– Income
– Assets
– Investments
– Dividends
– Inheritances
– Income-producing property.
– Others

If the Courts order you to pay for your ex-spouse’s attorney’s fees after analysis, you must pay the amount.

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