Tips for Negotiating Spousal Support Settlements in a Divorce in San Diego 2020 – Hear It from the Experts

After the Child Custody, spousal support (alimony) is the most argumentative and challenging-to-navigate procedure in every divorce.

In the middle of a divorce process, you may be thinking about the issue of alimony payments. Spousal Support or alimony is to assist a party to acquire skills or necessary training to obtain a job to become self-sufficient and you maintain the Status Quo.  (See In re Marriage of Schulze (1997) 60 Cal.App.4th 519 at p. 525; In re Marriage of Schulze (1997) 60 Cal.App.4th 519 at p. 522; and  In re Marriage of Burlini (1983) 234 Cal.App.3d 65 at p. 69.). If the divorce goes through litigation, spousal support can be awarded in Court. Both you and your ex-partner can negotiate these payments with the respective lawyers, which can assist you in ensuring fairer results.

In this post, you will get helpful information regarding negotiating alimony settlements during the process of divorce.


Know Your Finances

Prior to putting up an offer for Child Support, wealth distribution, or spousal support, take some to evaluate your finance thoroughly. Avoid negotiating until you know how much you could conveniently manage to pay. With a good understanding of your finance range, you may negotiate better in terms of alimony payments. It is crucial to take the assistance of an attorney or law firm who is accessible and has expertise in negotiating settlements through local legislation. An attorney can guide you based on your financial position how much you have to divide child support and spousal support based on the state laws. To better understand how California awards spousal support see “Things Divorcing Couples Need to Know About Alimony in San Diego.”

Study the Law

The most important thing after knowing your finances is to learn about the details of your state’s law as well as how they apply to alimony payments. There are various forms of alimony. You just need to research thoroughly what you can acquire for in your state, this won’t only assist you in managing your situation. The proper knowledge about laws in your state and guidance of an experienced attorney is essential to protect your best interest.  See California Family Code section 4320.

Understand the Worst and Best Scenarios

Ask your attorney to elucidate to you. What the worst and best things that can happen after the process of divorce and utilize the feedback to make an intelligent decision for settlement. If you think negotiating the issues with your partner is not an option, find an attorney that will prepare you for court and protect your rights while litigating the matter.

Consider What Your Partners Needs and Wants

If you can understand the wants and needs of your partner, negotiating alimony settlements would be much easier. It will require cooperation as well as indifference from your side to finish the settlement into a fruitful win-win scenario for both you and your partner.

Give a Thought to Your Own Wants and Needs

It is best to do your homework prior to starting negotiations. It is wise to consider what you want and need. Enlist your needs and set a budget, through this you will easily negotiate for what is in your best interest.


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