Should I Change Lawyers During My Divorce?

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What do you do when you hire an attorney you aren’t happy with? It can be tricky to switch to a new attorney in the midst of your divorce, but depending on the reasons why, it may be worth it.

Determining the Problem

First, figure out why exactly you want a new attorney. Keep in mind, in family law cases, some issues are not caused by your attorney. Divorce is a long and emotional process, no matter who your attorney is.

If the problem is with the attorney, have you spoken to your attorney about the issue? If the problem is fixable, you may want to allow your attorney to fix the problem, which will save you the hassle of switching attorneys.

Signs You Should Switch Attorneys

1. Your attorney lacks proper communication skills. Keep in mind, attorneys are extremely busy. Every workday is filled with Court and client meetings. After all, you are not their only client. But if you are not able to get a hold of our attorney, or they are not calling you back after leaving voicemails and sending emails, you might want to consider hiring a different, more responsive attorney.

2. Your lawyer seems unorganized. Does your lawyer have to ask you when your Court date is? Has he/she asked you for the same information over and over again? Do you just get the sense your lawyer has no idea what is going on in your case? If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to hire a different attorney.

3. Your attorney misses important deadlines. If your attorney isn’t filing the correct paperwork at the correct time, you may want to consider hiring another attorney.

If after thoughtful deliberation you decide to hire a different lawyer, we recommend you spend some time scheduling consultations with other divorce lawyers. Come prepared to every consultation with questions so you can make the most educated decision for you.

Once you choose another attorney, they will assist with filing a Substitution of Attorney, and will then be able to start work on your case.

Keep in mind, switching attorneys will not be cheap. You will be required to pay an entirely new retainer and your new attorney will quickly need to catch up to speed on your case.

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