Reasons Why Military Couples Get Divorce in San Diego – Hear It From the Experts

Military life is noble, but it is challenging. There is no doubt that it puts stress on one’s relationships. If you are married, the stress of military life could cause your marriage to deteriorate to the point that a divorce is the only solution.

In order to understand the problem, let us look at the potential reasons why many military couples part ways:


Military Families Move

A military career can be stable; however, military life is not necessarily stable. Service members are transferred to training camps and bases around the country and the world, and these transfers do not include deployments where the service member may be absent for almost a year. A service member’s family may have to pack up and move often over their career. While an individual in the military admits it as part of their job, their partner may find it challenging to settle down, uproot, and start afresh, especially when children are involved.

Deployments Are Long

For most couples, being away from each other for a couple of days or a week is difficult. In the military, a service member may be deployed for months on end and may not be able to communicate with their partner for days. These separations can lead the couple to drift apart.

One Person Is Not Faithful

A common issue during deployment is that one of partners will be unfaithful. Either the service member may develop a relationship with someone in their command to help deal with the stress of being deployed, or the non-service member may develop a relationship while at home to help them deal with the loneliness of their spouse being deployed.   The development of these relationships can destroy a marriage.

Couples Keeping Secrets

Communication and understanding are the keys to marriage. Not sharing secrets can be problematic. Unfortunately, the majority of the service members are not allowed to tell anyone about their military activities. Even though the other partner understands the necessity for security and secrecy, this can be a major cause of stress.

Duties Get Confusing When the Military Partner Returns

In addition to all the tensions and stress, the service member arriving back from deployment should be exciting and fun; however, due to the duties of house and set routines, the family roles are frequently confusing. One spouse must fulfill all the duties alone while the military partner is deployed. When the service member returns home, there will need to be compromises in dealing with the household. This may become frustrating for the other partner, who has temporarily given up their decision-making power.

The Non-Military Spouse May Have to Abandon a Career

Due to this instability and moving while serving one’s country, it is difficult for the other partner to pursue a career. In addition, if the couple has children, one spouse must take care of the children, sometimes as a single parent. This can stall or end the career path of the non-military member.

Due to the military responsibilities and schedules, when divorce strikes, it becomes more complicated and challenging. Therefore, couples must know their rights.

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