Modifying Your California Divorce Settlement Agreement

Did you know the terms of your California divorce decree are not always set in stone? Once a final judgment of marriage dissolution is filed, your divorce settlement agreement may be modified in a limited number of circumstances. It is important to understand, however, the modification process is often both expensive and time-consuming.

There are generally two ways to modify your California divorce. First, one former spouse may appeal a final judgment of divorce to the District Court of Appeals. In order to successfully appeal your divorce settlement, you must show that the trial court improperly applied the applicable law or that the judgment was a result of your former spouse’s bad faith actions such as lying to the judge or hiding marital assets. Additionally, an appeal may be granted if you can prove your former spouse made false statements regarding the physical or emotional well-being of your children.

Unfortunately, when you appeal your divorce judgment, you generally may not offer new evidence to the appellate court. Instead, the judge will review the record of the trial court in order to determine the proper result. Also, an appeal will normally be refused if both parties to a divorce mutually agreed to the settlement agreement. This is generally true even where one spouse relied upon the untrue statements of his or her former spouse. Regardless, if an appellate court refuses to alter your California divorce judgment you may still be able to modify some or all of the settlement terms.

A divorce modification is generally less costly and quicker to obtain than an appeal. In order to seek a modification to your divorce settlement agreement, the former spouse who seeks the change must file a motion with the trial court. Normally, a modification is sought after circumstances change in a way that may affect child or spousal support obligations or child custody. Modifications may be either temporary or permanent, and they may alter only a specific provision, several conditions, or the entire divorce settlement agreement.

If you are unhappy with the terms of your California divorce judgment, you may have the ability to seek relief from a court. If you feel your divorce settlement was unfair, you should contact a skilled Southern California family law attorney to discuss your options.

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