Miguel Cabrera to Pay Ex-Mistress $20,000 a Month

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Miguel Cabrera, one of the highest paid athletes in the world, has been ordered to pay his ex-mistress $20,000 a month in child support.

Cabrera fathered two children with his ex-mistress, and he also has three children with his wife.

Cabrera had already been paying his ex-mistress $20,000 a month before the court order, but cut the amount to only $5,000 a month in mid-2017 after his wife discovered the affair and filed for divorce. She later decided to not go through with the divorce.

The court ruling:

– Respondent (Cabrera) to pay $20,000 per month in Child Support. Respondent owes an arrearage of $89,581 to be paid by 5/1/2019.
– Respondent to pay the house mortgage off by 7/1/2019
– Respondent to provide health, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage for children.
– Respondent to pay all educational and extracurricular activities for children. (private school, uniforms, shoes, sports uniforms and supplies)
– Respondent to pay for DCF approved day care and will be an allocated expense.
– Respondent to pay for vacations and birthday parties, and provide yearly Walt Disney, Sea World, Universal and Orlando Science Center passes.
– Respondent to pay attorney fees.
– The court denies the request for College tuition.
– Respondent to carry a $5,000,000 life insurance policy until the youngest child ages out.

Miguel Cabrera is best known as the star player for the Detroit Tigers. Cabrera signed an 8 year, $248 million contract with the Detroit Tigers, with an annual average salary of $31 million. Mathematically, his salary equals almost $50,000 per bat over the next decade, according to USA Today. He has a current net worth of about $125 million.

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