Hire an Attorney to Settle Your San Diego Divorce Issues – Think About Remarriage in 2020

One of the most stressful things that a person can go through is a divorce, which can simply bring out the worst in people. Some people see divorce as a way to seek revenge on their partner by fighting for assets and money.

To make divorce proceedings less painful and stressful, one should consider hiring an expert attorney to assist settling your case. Hiring an attorney is crucial because, during the process of divorce, emotions can hinder your goals, which can influence your decision on the division of assets and debts.

Your attorney can fight for your interest on behalf of you. When all your divorce issues are resolved, and you are thinking of remarrying, you may want to contemplate the following issues.


Unhealthy Reasons to Remarry

Do not let your emotions guide your decision of remarrying. If you want to remarry because of your loneliness after your divorce, you may want to reconsider before committing yourself to another marriage. Here are some unhealthy reasons to remarry.


Some people cannot live alone, and they do not like being in a relationship. They feel incomplete if they are not part of a couple. The feeling of loneliness allows a person to consider a second marriage. But what if your second wedding fails? You will become lonelier than you were before.

If you are not emotionally or mentally ready, then drop the thought of remarriage because it may only worsen your situation more and require another divorce.

Financial Need

Financial need is one of the most obvious factors that can motivate any person for a second marriage. For instance, financial need can be a great motivator especially for single mothers who are struggling to maintain their household or children’s expenses. However, regardless any gender, do not marry with a thought that it will relieve you from your financial stress or support to further your career.

Sexual Attraction

It is important to understand the difference between lust and love. Because both terms are completely different from each other. For instance, there are cases when people tie the knot just because they are sexually attracted to someone, which is not the right reason to rush into second marriage. Making the decision to remarry based on sexual attraction may blind you to bad personality qualities in a partner as well as negative relationship problems.

Pressure from Family and Friends

When your family and friends see you go through a nasty divorce, they are concerned about your wellbeing and may want to you marry again. The fact that friends and family are pressuring you for a second marriage is about relieving their discomfort at the thought of your loneliness.

Do not let anyone make the decision on behalf of you. if you are not ready to marry again, don’t!

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