Domestic Violence as a Cause of Divorce in San Diego 2021 – Types Explained by Expert Attorneys

Every marriage has its ups and downs; however, increasing conflict may trigger strong negative feelings, which could begin to corrode the relationship. Those negative emotions may manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Ultimately, all the frustration and aggression may result in domestic violence.

Domestic violence is not limited to one partner physical abusing the other.  In reality, there are various kinds of domestic violence, and each of them has its own overwhelming consequences, which could include the issuance of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.  (See Family Code section 6320).


Kinds of Domestic Violence

Below is a sample of the different types of domestic violence.  Contact a family law attorney if you believe you may need a restraining order.

Coercive Control

In this kind of violence, the abuser wants to maintain their dominance over their victim. In controlling the behavior of their victim, the abuser consistently monitors their phone calls, text message, emails, social media, isolating the victim, depriving the victim of basic necessities, and financial abuse. In fact, coercive control is such an issue, Family Code section 6320 was amended January 01, 2021 to include coercive control.  (See Family Code section 6320(c)(1-4).

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse consists of hitting, pushing, pulling, chocking, hair pulling, or even the threat to inflict physical harm. California family code states abuse is, “To intentionally or recklessly cause or attempt to cause bodily injury.” See Family Code section 6203(a)(1).

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault includes, but is not limited to, the abuser committing a sexual act against their victim by using threats, coercion, violence, or forcing their victim to participate in group sex, unwanted sexual touching, or forcing their victim to watch pornography.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can include making unreasonable demands, expecting the victim to put everything aside to meet the needs of the abuser, demanding the victim to spend all their time with the person, and being dissatisfied no matter what the victim does, and try to manipulate and control their victim.

Other Forms of Abuse

This can include harassment, molesting, stalking, credibly impersonation, destroying personal property, and disturbing the peace of the victim. (See Family Code section 6320).


Domestic violence has a strong negative impact on victim and children in relationships which includes their psychological and physical health. If you or anyone in your surroundings going through any form of domestic violence and seek help, then contact us by calling the Law Office of Doppelt and Forney, APLC today at 800-769-4748. You can attend our free 30-minute consultation with our knowledgeable divorce attorneys in San Diego.

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