Divorce: Is it Still Illegal in the Philippines?

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The Philippines is one of the only places in the world where divorce is not granted. In the heavily Catholic country, the only way to legally leave a marriage is through an annulment or legal separation, which can be difficult to do. Vatican City is the only other country where divorce is not permitted.

According to a report published by the Philippine Statistic Authority, one in four married women in the Philippines have been assaulted by her partner or husband.

However, progress has been made. In March, a divorce bill was passed in the Lower House of Congress. The bill would allow the Court to dissolve marriages considered “irremediably broken”. The bill faces opposition from the President, as well as many extremely conservative, Catholic citizens.

Since the bill was passed in the Lower House seven months ago, no further progress has been made. Unfortunately, even if it passes in the Senate, the President (who opposes the bill) could veto it.

Spousal violence is the most common form of violence experienced by women between 15 and 49, according to the Philippine Statistic Authority.

The only legal way to legally leave a marriage is through annulment or legal separation, which is not accessible or possible for most of the country’s poorer residents – the process can take years and cost thousands of dollars.

In an annulment, the marriage must be declared void from the beginning.

While it is difficult for an average Filipino citizen to be granted an annulment, there is punishment for adultery. If a married women is in another relationship, she can be jailed up to six years. If a married man is living with another women, he can be jailed up to four years.

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