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When a couple chooses to separate or divorce, things get a lot more complicated with children in the house.

Processing the divorce can already be extremely difficult for children, and the added stress of having to move into two new homes can be emotionally draining for children who are used to routine and the comfort of the family home.

A new trend called birdnesting addresses this problem.

How it works: The divorcing parents keep the family home and have the children reside there 100% of the time. The divorcing parents also share an additional space (one-bedroom apartment, rental house). While Parent A is in the family home with the children, Parent B is in the additional space. The two parents will switch off living in the family home and the additional space depending on what works for them. The children will always remain in the family home, as the parents rotate.

This is usually a short term solution, and both parents have to remain amicable with each other. As you can imagine, tensions can rise quickly with two divorcing parents sharing homes. From one spouse leaving a mess or accidentally leaving a trace of a new partner, this type of living situation can be more emotionally triggering than a more traditional living situation during/after divorce.

It’s also important to consider the children. While it would seem that the children benefit from this living arrangement, it may cause confusion and false hope that the parents will get back together since the marital home is still there, with both parents still living there. Because of this, many psychologists and therapists suggest this living arrangement should only last for 3-6 months maximum, for the parents’ sake and for the children’s sake.

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