Attorney’s Specify Don’ts of a Divorce – San Diego 2020

There is nothing more devastating than a family that is going through a divorce. Not only does it affect the immediate family, but it also shatters children and, most importantly, the two people who took a vow to stay together. The event is painful, stressful, and an unbelievably upsetting emotional roller coaster ride. At such a time of grief, it is better to cool down, take control of yourself, and try to be practical.

Here are some expert attorney’s specific don’ts while going through a divorce.


What are the Don’ts of Divorce?

  • Avoid forfeiting any of your property and rights without taking a good piece of legal advice on how you must proceed in this situation. (See Community Property)
  • Avoid putting your kids in the middle of a nasty divorce battle. The battle of divorce is between you and your partner, not with your kids. If you do this, it will negatively affect the well-being of your child. (See Best Interest of the Children)
  • Avoid stopping the kids from seeing their other parent throughout the scheduled visitation period. Follow all the orders of Court, including those which you do not agree with. By obeying Court orders with which you do not agree as well as making records of their unfairness in the form of the document is the best way to force the Court to reconsider the things. It is especially for temporary orders.
  • Avoid using child visitation and child support payments as a weapon against your spouse. If you do this, it will portray your side in a negative light in front of Court as well as your children too.
  • Avoid putting your ex-spouse down in front of your family, children, and friends. Do not try to antagonize or threaten your ex-spouse and their family in any way. Anything send via social media, text, and email can be used as evidence.
  • Avoid using your kids as a negotiating method during the process of settlements.
  • Do not spend thousands of dollars on lawyer fees fighting over a piece of furniture worth a hundred dollars. Use your common-sense and choose your battles wisely in order to mitigate costs as well as fees.
  • No matter to what extent you are hurting, or if your emotions are running high, do not get greedy. Because you will not get more than California State Law allows. This attitude will increase attorney fees, and the Court does not care about your emotions and feelings.
  • Avoid venting to your kids about the problems of the separation or divorce. Your children are not equipped to handle the emotional tension that is placed on them.
  • Pay Child Support on time. If you are facing any trouble with a job or your finance, then you can seek a modification of support through the court, but do not stop paying.


Avoid violating any Court orders. Because violations can weaken your case and may have a negative outcome. In case of further information and guidance, you can get free a consultation you can contact the Law Office of Doppelt and Forney, APLC today at 800-769-4748. You can also join our free 30-minute consultation with our knowledgeable divorce lawyers in San Diego.

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