Attorney Share Tips for a Successful Divorce – San Diego 2020

Going through a legal separation or divorce is an overwhelming and a complicated ordeal. If you have decided to file for a divorce, you may not know what first steps you must take. Going through this difficult experience as amicably and quickly as you can is every divorcing couple’s obligation; however, it is difficult to handle the painful situation with no experience.

By knowing the steps, you can make the entire process of separation fair, drama-free, and peaceful. This article is based on several former clients who have already gone through the divorce process and what they would have done differently to make their separation cost-effective, peaceful, fair, or easier on their children.

We hope that you will find these steps helpful.

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Educate Yourself

Divorces are like snowflakes and no two are alike. Because of the multi-faceted and unique nature of divorce, it is challenging to get the complete story. Lawyers focus on legalities and may not consider hidden motives because they may not be relevant. Psychologists may consider hidden motives; however, they do not have the expertise to navigate and deal with the complicated financial arrangements that are a large part of the separation and divorce process. Friends and family do not have the objectivity and knowledge to navigate divorcing people in the correct direction when they offer advice. Distinguishing between authentic and unauthentic information on the internet becomes a tough job. You may need to consult different advisors to make the process as easy as possible.

Control Your Expectation

Many people come with their preconceived notions of what they want to achieve without any information about legalities. People let their emotions guide their actions instead of practical considerations. Every state has established family law based on past cases. An expert attorney can explain all the issues, so you can set your expectations accordingly and work towards reaching reasonable result.


Transparency with your Attorney is Must

Nothing should be happening behind the scenes. Ask your attorney every single detail about your case. Your attorney is obligated to answer all your questions and make sure that all the details are communicated clearly to you, so you can make an intelligent decision for yourself. You have to be transparent with your attorney even if anything embarrassing happened in your past. Your lawyer should be well-aware of all issues that may hinder or assist your case.  Communication between you ant your attorney falls under attorney-client privilege.

Focus on the long-term situation

Clients often get worried about their current situation and forget about the future. An expert attorney will always prepare their client for future needs rather than the current situation. Every divorcing individual forgets to think about the need to live a successful single life. Without future goals and clarity, people may not analyze what would be their best outcome because they may be too consumed with anger.

These are the basic steps every divorcing person should consider. If you want to know more about the peaceful proceeding of divorce, you can get a free 30-minute consultation from the attorney in San Diego by emailing the Law Office of Doppelt and Forney, APLC today at or texting (858)880-6689.


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