3 Biggest Reasons Couples Get Divorced

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A recent article on Bustle discusses the top reasons why couples get divorced.

We thought the article was interesting, and wanted to share some of the findings from the article. Keep in mind, these are expert opinions, but not necessarily our own.

According to the article, causes behind divorce are “a lot more similar, and a lot less tangible, than you may think”.

According to the experts, here are the top three reasons couples get divorced:

1. Inability to Repair After Arguments

The inability to repair after an argument is a common denominator in divorce. According to Whitney Hawkins, “While couples may all be fighting about different things, their inability to repair after those arguments leaves them feeling distant and unheard”.

2. Growing Apart

This all boils down to “two partners who can no longer, or no longer want to, invest in one another as the years go by. One major study found that growing part is the most common reason for divorce. “This shows that in many cases divorce isn’t about a particular ‘last straw’ incident or bad behavior, but simply the relationship fizzles.

3. Emotional Flooding

Emotional flooding is a harmful communication issue. It happens when partners are in disagreement, and emotions get hijacked. According to psychologist John Gottman, something happens during your interaction with your partner that sets off your internal threat-detection system. It can become a chronic issue is a relationship.

While some divorces do end suddenly, this article makes it clear that many divorces are caused by years of small issues that become irreparable. On the positive side, knowing these seemingly small, but unsolved issues can lead to divorce over time can help you recognize and address the issues early on.

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